Snowy Mountain PD-007 today

Had a bit of a delay setting out this morning as my wife and kids decided to join me. Unfortunately, the road leading up to Methodist hill was closed, lots of trucks about. Re-programmed the satnav which unfortunately showed quote detour. So to keep the piece in the car I skipped that summit and we made our way to Snowy Mountain PD-007. SotaWatch had me spotted on PD-006 but I can confirm I was on PD-007.

Nice walk to the summit and not too hot. I tried 2m FM first without success so I set up for HF. I was beginning to wonder whether I would make any contacts but thankfully N4TN called, followed by several well known call signs.

That will probably be the last activation in the USA for this year. Unless I get time to activate Lambs Knoll in the morning. Last day of my vaction tomorrow.