Snowshoe hike OE5JFE to OE/OO-397


This time no video from my activation. But some pictures to share with you.
Started early because the parking spot is always filled fast on a weekend. No wonder with a lot of nice snow shoe and touring-ski options starting from this location.

Was a bit worried as I did not got any calls on 2 m and 20 in the first 20 minutes. I guess I was too early QRV for a winter weekend hi
Strong QSB did not make it easy in addition but a successfull activation was achieved.

View from the Summit

Found myself a spot in the sun to hide from the strong winds at the ridgeline.

View to the town Windischgarsten

Local snow layer display aka hunters booth

Successful activation :+1:

A little bit of snow along the road at Hengstpass

Thanks to all chasers and Stavros LZ/SV2RUJ/p for the S2S

73 de Joe