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Snowdon with a handheld?

Hi all,

Im doing Snowdon on Saturday for a charity walk and will take a Baofeng UV-5R with me. It wouldn’t be appropriate to take the 817/beam.

Do you think it’s a possible activation with a handheld?

Paul (M0TVU - Previously 2E0CVU)

In reply to M0TVU:

I have worked people on Snowdon that were using Handhelds from here in West Cumbria, I think they used the longer 40cm whip aerials rather than the shorter ones that tend to come with the handhelds.
I have even worked several people on Snowdon with just my Kenwood TH-D7 hooked up to my Rucksack antenna in our backroom/shack via about 10m of RG58 down to our Kitchen on 70cm.

So you shouldn’t have much trouble.

In reply to M0TVU:

Barry MW0IML has done an activation just with a h/h and had plenty of callers. Also I seem to remember Aled MW0UPH had a pile up activating with h/h. There have been many and qualifying shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks for that.

Looks like i’ll pack the Baofeng and a spare battery for the pile up :wink:

I might try the whip off the 817 with an adapter …

Regards - Paul

In reply to M0TVU:
Hi Paul,

I’ve done that on Snowdon many times without failing to qualify. So long as you have an alert on SOTAWatch you should be fine, activating on the weekend is better too.

I’ll listen out for you, weather looks likely to improve for you on the weekend.

73 & GL
Roger MW0IDX