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SMSmySOTA v.2.0 is out!

Hi Folks,

Now included a button to Spot directly to Sotawatch through 3G Network internet

So, you insert spot data and you decide to spot via sms or via 3G internet

Download at:


Next to come: App download from Play Store.

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ

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Hi Inigo,
I have just tried your program and do I have to register my mobile number with the Spanish SMS gateway before it will work (as is the case with the Scottish gateway). As none of my test spots got through to SOTAWatch.
Does the 3G option have to be 3G (i.e. cellular network) or should it also work over WiFi?

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,

Spanish and Hungarian servers do NOT require previous registration.
UK and USA servers (managed by Andy) require previous registration.

Our server was down because a network problem but now is up again. Please try again now.

The 3G option also work over Wifi or other kind of tcpip conection.

I am working to add also UK and USA servers, so the next version will be “universal spotter” through:

  • 3G - Wifi - internet
  • SMS Hungary, Spain, UK, USA

In a few days ready…

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ

Just tried SMS to Spanish gateway and WiFi web sending at around 0500 UTC and unfortunately neither SPOT came through. Tried both my cell phone networks (dual-sim smart phone) as Vodafone sometimes doesn’t work, but Deutsches Telekom normally does.

Is it possible the server was down again around 0500 UTC?

I’ll try from my summit later in any case.

73 Ed.

I just tried it out:
It worked perfectly with me without any registration but ONLY after I entered a valid summit reference number. When I entered NONE the spot did not get through. I sent the SMS spots both via the Hungarian and the Spanish server - both worked.

73, Sylvia

Exactly! In order you can spot, please, configure properly in configuration screen login details for Sotawatch and you must use a valid summit reference. (if not, Sotawatch will refuse your spot)

I have just finished the new version 3.0 (see my next post)

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ

Hi Iñigo

I downloaded the app. FB !


Vy 73