SMS to Sota Problem

Hi Andy or whoever takes care of this. It has been a couple of months since I changed my callsign but it appears that SMS to Sota still has my old callsign. Could you please make the change for me?

Old callsign: KI4TN
New one: NR3E

Below is a copy of an SMS to Sota that I posted for my wife on Sunday.

Ron, NR3E

20:04 Sun

K1LIZ on W4T/RV-052 | post_add

[KI4TN{GB}]: [SOTA Spotter] (by SMS)

If you don’t ask for it to be changed then it wont change. Updated now.

Thanks for taking care of this Andy. Actually I did ask back on January 23 and was directed to send a message to Stewart, G0LGS, which I did. Stewart made the change and the SMS to Sota started working again so I thought all was good. I did not notice that my old call was in the signature line until it was pointed out to me by a friend just today.

Thanks again for being responsive and taking care of it quickly.

Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot:

Stewart looks after APRS2SOTA, not the SMS tool.

Seems I changed Ron’s callsign for APRS2SOTA on 23 January.