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SMS spotting issue and how to solve it


I was having troubles with SMSspot (EA, I, HA) not posting my spots on Sotawatch. Fixing it was an easy solution so I share with you:
The problem was the username that I had chosen for Sotawatch: OE5JFE/P
The /P apparently causes an error at the SMS gateway script.
Requested Jon GM4ZFZ to change my login to OE5JFE on Sotawatch and now it is working without issues.
Hope this helps :nerd:

I read online that it is a pearl script that does the SMS to Sotawatch conversion. Maybe this would be also a place to fix this once and for all.

73’s Joe

Hello Joe, user name should be OE5JFE and after user name & password please type activating callsign OE5JFE/P, then summit refference & others.
73, Jarek

Hello Jarek,

That is exactly how it is now. I have tested it using SMS via the SotaSpotter App on my Android phone. There was no hint or information when registering on Sotawatch that one should register just with the bare callsign.

Again this is just help others that wonder why it is not working. Or in the best case help to improve the script that is used for the SpotSMS gateways.

73, Joe

I can confirm the script ignore anything after the / in the login callsign.
I’ll take a deeper look at it and see if it’s worth fixing it.

best 73 de IZ3GME Marco

I have also been having problems with the SOTA spotting app sms gateway. I have now got it working for me, but I can’t say exactly what it is I am now doing right. One thing that might have an effect is the way the SOTA spotting app remembers all the field data when you check the box. I found, thanks to Marco, that the frequency data was going through blank, even though it said 7.031 MHz in the app. This caused the spot to be rejected. When I deleted the field and retyped the data fresh, the spot went through. That said, it now goes through all the time regardless of whether I retype or not, but it could be a bug the SOTA spotting app. Just something to try, I am no software expert.
73 de OE6FEG/M0FEU

Hello Matt,

If we are talking about SOTASpotter (for Android) by Bogdan YO3SAW. I was in contact with him about that issue and I think he fix a bug in SOTASpotter just recently.

Hello Marco,

Thanks for confirming my thesis. I’m more into Python then Pearl so I guess I will not be of big help in fixing the script.

73, Joe

Yes, I did mean the app by Bogdan. He updated on the 24/09; I tried two spots at 16:50 on the 24/09 and they were rejected. I got an email from Marco on the 26/09, and when I tried again it worked. I’ll let you know if I have any more problems.