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SMS Spotter OE official launch / status news

UPDATE (16.04.2020) : The hardware finally found a generous space in an ITX case with some 3D printed parts as holders for the Raspberry and the cable ports.

And btw. the script has made it’s way to Marco @IZ3GME and the SPOT SMS Italy is also now having the same features available (SPOT SMS Syntax and the official SOTA SMS format)

Here a picture of the case:


Hi Joe,

great, now we are awaiting the post Corona Sota season.



That’s far too neat to be running SOTA infrastructure :smiley:

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INFO (24.09.2020) : Subdomain spotoe.docviper.net has a certificate update issue and browsers complain about insecure https connection. Will contact hosting servicedesk.

Instead of the subdomain you can also access via a http adress:

But good news: My SMS spotting gateway is independent from webspace and working ufb.


INFO (12.10.2020) : OE SMS Spotter (and also the Italian one operated by Marco IZ3GME ) was out of service since 8th of October due to the updates made to the SSO Server
Thanks Andy @MM0FMF for finding the problem and prompt fix.
Also my webpage can be access per https since last week. System back in operation :+1:

Sorry for the missed spots and error reports sent e.g. by Michael @DC8YZ

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Let me add my apologies for the missed spots sent to italian gateway from @IV3NGF @I1WKN @IK2LEY @DC8YZ @LZ1ENE.

As written by Joe @OE5JFE the spotter is back to work thanks to Andy @MM0FMF

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@OE5JFE @IZ3GME @MM0FMF: Joe,Marco and Andy thanks al lot for your Support with your Spoting Gateways and Software. It is very very helpful and important for me on the summit !!!

Many summits dont have 3G or 4G, only celular …

Thanks for your Hamspirit my Sota Friends.

Take care.

73 Michael

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@OE1KLA: Sorry Karl for two missed SMS spots. Had some work done at the powergrid in the appartment and that caused gateway and internet to be out of operation. But I have seen your spots via Internet so all good I guess.

But now it is back.

73 Joe