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SMS spot update

I’ve updated the SMS spot software to accept a deliberately malformed frequency. There is a good reason for this however. :wink:

The system used to reject any frequency that didn’t contain a ‘.’ or contained more than 1x ‘.’ or contained any characters which weren’t digits. Seemed a good idea to me. But if you have a Nokia E71 (E72, E61, E63) and you can guess who may have one of those, then when you hit the number lock function the ‘.’ key sends ‘:’ by default.

Some of my own spots to my own spotting system were rejected because I had typed 7:145 not 7.145 which is a little embarrassing to say the least. Number lock makes typing the numbers easy but as I can’t see the display without glasses I kept typing a ‘:’ not a ‘.’ but that is fixed. Now you can enter a ‘:’ as a valid separator in a frequency.

So… 145:500 is just as valid as 145.500, 5:3985 for 5.3985 etc. etc.

Both servers have been updated, the one that sits in the shack and the one for W/VE users running in Cailfornia.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Thanks Andy. Its not only the glasses though its the freezing fingers and watering eyes too.

But what it is to have software written by someone who understands the users point of view and problems


PS Did I tell you I’d solved the problem of being perminantly logged in to SOTA?

I deleted the cookies from SOTA

In reply to G1FOA:

Thanks for the nice words. But don’t go making me all big headed as I only understand the users point of view because I’m the user I wrote it for!

Those of you who use my Nokia app to post spots should know there is an update of that available from the same place as last time. Or if you’ve lost the link or are a new user, then email me at mm0fmf_sota AT intermoose.com (fix the address). This defaults the frequency field to numeric and makes a ‘.’ available somewhere without shifting or holding keys.

It should run on any Symbian S60 3rd edition FP1 or later phone. You can check if your phone is suitable here: