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SMP patching


Hi Joe, it’s on my list to fix. The main problem is time, as I’m in the US for work right now. I should have it sorted by end of next week


No stress! We appreciate your efforts! Just wanted to make sure it’s not forgotten!

Thanks a lot!
73, Sylvia


I had Rob add the “all” (select all) feature some time ago, to provide this feature.
Lets take DM and DL as you two wished for associations…

  1. On “chose association” click “Multi”.
  2. Scroll down the list and select the first (DL in our example).
  3. Press and hold the ctrl key on your PC keyboard.
  4. Scroll down to the second association (DM in our example).
  5. Release the ctrl key.
  6. Then in “choose region” first click multi which will then enable the “all” box, click that as well.

You will now have all regions in two associations displayed on the map.

73 Ed.


Yes. Rather tedious.

I prefer: https://neon1.net/sota/summits/map/ by far.


Nice map system. Interesting that if you go back with the browser it goes to the last summit you clicked on, but expanded so that it’s centred on the screen in a close-in picture rather than the multiple summits that you saw the first time when you clicked on it!

I haven’t found how to select just 1 or 2 or 3 associations with it yet though - e.g. the DL and OE associations merge into one big collection of red (10 point) dots at the border.

In any case each to their own. It’s nice to have choice and for planning a long distance trip, this neon1 map could be very useful when multiple countries are involved.

73 Ed.


New version just uploaded, with filtering and more view options (try the buttons in the top left corner of the map). Summit photos are also pulled automatically from Wikipedia if available, and shown in the summit details popup.

The address is still the same: https://neon1.net/sota/summits/map/

Note that the “(not) activated by” filters currently take quite long to load as sotadata.org.uk is a bit slow in responding at the moment.


I’d noticed that. I think the DB engine is running as fast as normal but the http transport seems bursty/jerky.


I’ll temporarily be bringing down the SMP server while I take a snapshot in preparation for fixing the sync problems and the elevation data. Should be down for about 30 minutes.


…and we’re back online.


. . . thanks Manuel – this one is also an eye catcher with ufb functionality.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hi Andrew,

Thanks a lot for reinstalling the elevation profile :clap::clap:. This is a great and very useful feature for very mountainous regions such as Austria to find out whether S2S-contacts are possible!

73, Sylvia


Thanks, you beat to the punch to announce it was back :slight_smile:


I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and explore the new SMP. Wow! Thanks to all those involved, there is so much information available now. Your efforts are much appreciated.