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SMP new version - Part II

Servers don’t talk with each other, and cookies are not passed between servers. Cookies are left in the user’s browser (more accurately on the user’s hard drive and tagged with a site’s address) by sites visited by the user, and passed on later by the browser when the user revisits the site.

See e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie for more information…

OK point taken but rather than a cookie, a token can be passed between servers. In any case I do realise that code that runs in a browser needs sometimes to write to that users PC and a cookie is what is used therefore.


So, it would appear that the S2S data for 2018 are now available again after a db update and fix.

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There have been a few problems with summits data exports in KML and Google Earth Network Link formats following the change-over to the new sotamaps.

These problems have now been resolved.

So, following a request from Keith @KR7RK for a means to “fill in the empty spaces” sometimes seen in the locator field in the activations page’s Activations QSOs table, I’ve put together a small dialog and a couple of routines to enable this to be done easily.

The user can either activate the “Set QSO QTH…” button to show the dialog with empty fields, or double-click on a QSO row in the table to show the dialog with values gleaned from the QSO details.

Latitudes, longitudes can be entered either by hand (e.g. from values in the station’s qrz.com page), or by activating the “Get location from map” checkbox and then clicking in the map; locators will always be calculated from those values.

Filling in the details and clicking the “Save” button saves the location details to the sotamaps db. In this way, any time anybody subsequently lists QSOs where details have been stored for a particular “other station”, they will also see these details. Over time, with the help of willing users, we will be able to store more such details*.

* there are at the moment over 200,000 records in the sotamaps db which store such information for stations. Some of these contain empty fields, or inaccurate data, so it would be nice to see a few of these filled/updated with up-to-date data


This is excellent, thank you very much Rob @DM1CM!

You not only provided a rapid solution to my question, but your idea to save the details to the db for benefit of others should make things even more simplified as the database grows.

SMP is amazing!

73, Keith KR7RK