SMP improvement: track availability in main page

While just using SMP to plan my next activation I discovered another improvement of the SMP:
The summits list of the main page now indicates availability of tracks:

As Rob @DM1CM has not announced this yet, I thought this is worth a topic.
Rob, thanks for this nice feature. Your effort running and improving the SMP is highly appreciated.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


I wondered how long it would take for somebody to spot this small “improvement” :wink: …it took about a day. Credit should be given to the users who have suggested or requested these additions: I only switch 'em on :star2: .

These tracks “flags” also appear in any summits listings in the range page. An additional bonus is that a count of activations per summit is - or in the case of the range page, can be - included in the listings.

Sorting of the listings has also been improved, so by clicking on the listings table headers, one can sort by summit code, summit name, activations count or points, all ascending or descending, and regardless of how many items are in the list.


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Both the main and range pages summits-listings now feature a context-menu, enabling the user to jump from these pages directly to the tracks page (opened in a new tab/window) for any summit for which tracks are available:

Just right-click on the summits-listing row to activate the context menu.

Well done Rob!

You really have created a great resource with the Mapping Project for us SOTA-eers.

And as mentioned in the past, I have a stack of GM Track Backs to add to the listings. My only problem is I keep playing at amateur radio which gets in the way

I’ll have to properly retire to free up some more time.

Keep up the good work which is much appreciated.



Ah this explains why I never noticed before (saw other thread first) it’s new.

Nice one and great stuff

I don’t know if this a new feature that Rob has added recently, or if I just finally stumbled upon it today. There is now a route button and tab that provides driving directions when you are on a summit pop-up in the Range mode. Very cool, Rob!

Pat, glad you like the feature; it’s actually been there since the earliest days of the SMP, but I guess it’s just one of those things that don’t get noticed often… :smiley:

What’s maybe missing there is a complete driving itinerary (take Route 66 for 34 miles, turn left on… etc.), which is easy to realise, but I prefer to leave it up to our intrepid activists to figure that out for themselves.

Just noticed that the good people at Google Maps have repositioned a couple of their own mapping controls :astonished: - I’ll have a look to see if I can get them back to where they were…

Hmm. What are the browser requirements for the features?
I like to stick with a known working one as long as possible so mine is fairly old now. This is what I see:

It is only on the range page of the site. It get’s the starting location for the directions from your starting point for the range feature.

Thanks for all the new and old features then, Rob! :smile: Routing is a handy feature for a quick time estimate when choosing summits and I do like it for that. And around here, you can’t always trust Google for final directions anyway!

73, pat - KI4SVM