SMP future developments

I’m taking this opportunity to make a prior announcement of an interesting and, I think, exciting development in the way the SMP will be managed in the future.

Recently, the task of development and upkeep of the SMP has proven to be increasingly difficult for me to maintain, and I have been exploring avenues whereby the major burden can be shared. I’ve been in contact with a number of organizations - mostly internet startups with decent funding - whose aim is to provide solid grounding of support for enterprises like the SMP.

Such backing would enable me to have more free time which, at my stage of life, is no small gain; it would also mean that the SMP could reach a wider audience and be more flexible in supporting current and future hardware and software platforms. This move would inevitably come with some conditions attached, which may affect the way in which users interact with various parts of the SMP.

No definite plans or agreements have yet been made, so that at the moment I can pass on no further details. More news on this development will follow when I have them.


Does that mean we will buy a subscription to access the advanced features, or see some advertising, Rob?

Elliott, K6EL
Ready to Buy