SM6CMU/3/P Correct Ref SM/JL-012 (NOT JL-008)

Correct reference number for my operation from Åreskutan on Sunday 13th is SM/JL-012 (NOT JL-008). Sorry for the inconvenience but couldnt find the papers in the heavy winds (19 m/s) and wet conditions on the 1440 m summit. Just back home after a 3000 km drive to Lapland.

In reply to SM6CMU:

Hi Ingemar.

Sorry, but I am confused.

The Ref for your activity on Sunday 13th was reported as JL-008, then 012 and now 014. Can you confirm that the correct refs were:-

SUNDAY 13th Sept (spotted 1018) SM6CMU/3/p SM-JL-014
MONDAY 14th Sept (spotted 0957) SMCMU/4/p SM/VL-004

Is this OK?

Thanks for the QSO’s


In reply to G4SSH:
Hi Roy,
must be tired or something.Thanks for all QSOs and spotting.
Have updated my post.

Friday 11th SM6CMU/2/p from SM/VB-030 Såttan
Sunday 13th SM6CMU/3/p from SM/JL-012 Åreskutan
Monday 14th SM6CMU/4/p from SM/VL-004 Hovfjället

73 Ingo SM6CMU