SM/NB-001 - Kebnekaise - Highest summit in Sweden

SM0GNS and I managed to climbe SM/NB-001 last Sunday (happened to be my 50th birthday) and made 15 QSOs before we had to make it back (6 hours walking). As far as we know the summit was activated the first time by SM0NJO way back in 1992, and it was especially nice to be able work him this time. The weather was extremely good as you can see on the pictures at Anders Wändahl | Flickr

A snippet of sound courtesy of SM0NJO:

73 de Anders/SM0HPL

In reply to SM0HPL:

Congratulations for the activation of the northerly Kebnekaise 2111 m and thanks for the nice photos. It is also a popular destination for Finnish hikers and climbers. Unfortunately two of them lost their lives in an accident last Tuesday on the same mountain.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL