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Slovenia joins SOTA

In reply to S57XX:

Hello Jure

I think your Slovenian activators did a magnificent job putting on so many summits and bands/modes at the beginning of your SOTA existence. Very well done and much appreciated. I cannot imagine any new SOTA country hitting the air on the first day with so many summits.
I am glad it was not a contest with so many similar calls on the bands at the same times. I think I have them sorted now but S57XX, S57X, S53X and S53XX caused a few problems in my log. Hi!
Best wishes to you all and thank you.


In reply to S57XX:
Greetings Jure
Yes, you guys did a great job activating so many Slovenian SOTAs - I was very happy to work 8 summits and 6 different callsigns - S52FT, S53X, S53XX, S57X, S57XX, S58R (all /P of course).
73 de Cris

In reply to G4CMQ:

I think I have them sorted now but S57XX, S57X,
S53X and S53XX caused a few problems in my log. Hi!

Precisely the problem at this end. I missed at least one activation due to misreading a call as I stuck my head into the shack every so often while tiling the bathroom. I really must concentrate on the radio a bit more!

Well done to all the ops in Slovenia. It was a marvellous first day!

73, Gerald


Some photos from S5/JA-035.


Jure S57XX

Short Video from S5/BR-023:

And second one from S5/BR-025:

Milos S53X
(SOTA fever)

“SOTA Fever” - absolutely! It grabs you, doesn’t it? Having said that, it has to be said that the Association team in Slovenia have done a remarkable job in launching SOTA in S5. I doubt there has ever been a bigger impact so early in the life of any other association. It really is fantastic to note the amount of activity already, and the fact it looks like this will be sustained.

It did not go unnoticed that no less than 4 S5 stations called me on my activation of The Cloud G/SP-015 this morning. Further testament to the successful new association launch. Well done to all of you.


Hello !

After first two weeks S5-SOTA( between 15th and 30th June - SOTA Fever ),
16 Slovenian activations, activated 50 summits.

73 de S58R - Rado


Promotion activity, day before start S5-SOTA …

In reply to S58R:
I am impressed but not surprised over the SOTA-activity from S5!
Looking forward to work lots of S5-summits this summer; I am home taking care of my two-year old daughter so can keep an ear on 7032 kHz most of the time.
CUL guys!