Following my gentle introduction in activating Cairngaver I tried Slievemoughanmore which was quite a bit more demanding, but reaching the summit after a two hour walk was worth the effort. I should be fitter for this game! A number of 2M QSOs were obtained on FM and SSB. Mission successful.


Hi William,

Congratulations on the successful mission, and best wishes for many more.

But fancy putting up a delightful photo like that while I’m stuck in the office! :smile:


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Some people have no consideration for others do they Adrian. There’s that nice photo and some cracking photos Caroline M3ZCB posted yesterday and I’m here trying to keep servers running with dodgy AC.

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Some further lack of consideration:

We combined this one with the adjacent Eagle Mountain; a super traverse.

Apologies to those sitting in offices ;-). I did 40 years of that, now that I have the time I don’t have the fitness levels. It’s a hard world! Maybe this SOTA game will address the fitness problem. I saw Eagle Mountain, some day…

Good photos on your link and interesting read. I am encouraged to get fit :wink:

It’s a classic walk. Of course you first have to climb over Pigeon Rock Mountain (HuMP, but not SOTA) before getting to Slievemoughanmore. Once that far, it was impossible to resist Eagle Mountain despite knowing we would have Slievemoughanmore and Pigeon Rock Mountain to negotiate, again, to get back to the car!

And then, IIRC, we bombed around activating the one-pointers of Gruggandoo, Carraigatuke and Cairngaver that same afternoon, before making Belfast for the overnight ferry by the skin of our teeth!

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Hi William
Thanks for the lovely picture of the view as it may not be quite so visible when we get up there next Thursday or Friday (1/2 June) - possibly Friday as the forecast is slightly better. We will be aiming for Eagle Mountain as well but not sure our fitness training (what??) has been sufficient but they were the only high Mournes we omitted on our last trip 2 years ago. By the way I am glad to see your dipole is about as vertical as mine!!

On Saturday we travel west to near Omagh for an attack on the many local Sperrin summits. Please give us some S2S as I shall be calling hard on 2m fm and 70cm fm (probably for some time!) We’ll put up alerts every day if we can.

73 Viki M6BWA

Hi Viki
Enjoy your visit to NI, I will listen out for you. Have not been up Eagle, actually I am pretty new to this game and now wish I was a few years younger, however training is in progress :wink:

I would like to try HF on my next summit. We will see.

73 William mi0wwb

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Hi William

Thanks for the 8 contacts while we were over in NI land and for your help in qualifying almost all of the hills on 70cm (far better than I had expected but the SW summits are a bit more of a challenge!!) Sorry we didn’t get that S2S but we hope there will be a next time as there about 20 summits still on the list. We got very few S2S which wasn’t a surprise considering the weather we got - no-one else was stupid/determined enough to be up hills with a radio. Activating Slieve Gallion was like being under a shower whilst passing the trig point on Divis was more like a power shower (and we hadn’t got overtrousers on!)

Rod, M0JLA, had to rely on 2m FM (and the waterproof VX-7R) more than expected as he couldn’t risk the HF radio in the heavy downpours - and his 60m aerials packed up halfway through so it was 40m (or 20m) on the dry(ish) hills. We were a little tired at the end as we’d activated 28 summits (Rod 29 with Inch Top in EI as well) in just over 2 weeks but were lucky that the very hot weather didn’t start until after we came off the last proper summit Mid Hill (AH-006) where the mist had been down for most of the visit, the wind blowing and I was wearing everything except the emergency fleece. About a 20 min drive brought us to the coast and about 27C which was rather a shock to the system. Walking up the steeper hills in the temperatures in the next few days (when we were in Dublin - phew!) would have been almost impossible.

You’ve got some lovely hills over there so hope you enjoy them - and when you get bored there are a lot more our side of the water! I look forward to hearing you. 73
Viki M6BWA