Skiathos Greece

I hope everyone has recovered from the over-indulgences of recent days.
We have just been informed of a friends wedding in Skiathos, Greece in 2017.
Obviously the 1st thing you do, before acceptance, flights etc, is check the SOTA summits :smile:
Well there doesn’t seem to be any even though it is an island with a height of at least 420m.
Maybe I have missed something, but I expected at least one summit there.

Maybe I will be only able to do Beaches on the Air BOTA

73 and Happy New Year

Mike VK6MB

Greece was one of the first Associations and it has become clear that it is another candidate for a major updating. I cannot say whether this will have been done by the time you go to Skiathos, but you could contact the AM and see if he would be able to include Skiathos in a routine update before then.


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Thanks Brian,
have done that now.

Mike VK6MB

Hello Mike,

Nice to hear abt your planing to visit Skiathos Island, we will try to arrange some summits there till 2017 (if operation is permited from summit).

And after we choose them i hope that MT will answer to messages sent via their web form and not take them six months to “check” the ARM.

No any knowledge here for any “major” updates, sorry :smile:

Have a nice time and i hope tHat you will manage to visit us.

Pictures from many summits and relevant info about SOTA activity in Greece here: .

73, Panos, SV1COX
Greek AM

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Thank you, Panos, very much appreciated.
Some nice photos in the link after you change it to -

Happy New Year
73 Mike VK6MB

Tahnks Mike,

it was a comma after “sota” nothing to do with www.

have a nice time.

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I hope you are planning to smuggle me in your luggage. If not I wont allow your leave pass!! Especially after your cracks at me on my birthday!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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My bags aren’t that big :slight_smile: