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Six Summit Weekend

Hello everyone after much hard work and phone calls Hugh vk5nhg [the kx2 man] has finally got next weekend in place to activate 6 summits with two new ones to try. I will snatch a day from work Friday to drive to Orroroo early in the morning and get among the Summits some time that morning and do two every day. A bit closer to the event I will Alert which summit and a gestimation time to arrive. We have not been to the first Friday summit before I have seen it driving to other places before and it’s a big heap of dirt so I hope it is possible to climb . If all goes well the Saturday afternoon activation will be the second un activated summit which is another un known yet. This will be my last trip away for this year and if we get them all in the log i will have done 45 summits and hiked about 180 km for the season, not sure of the kilometres driven but my Truck was at 105 Kk when i got it second hand May 2015 now it has 137 Kk on the trip meter. Been elsewhere and to work every day in it too of course. How much fun can I endure .
Regards everyone hope to work you .
CZ e e

Whoa hang on folks Hugh is too busy this week so looks like its next weekend now. Missed out on the first activation of Prince Hill, Rob and John were there today . That will have to be an up date too the name is wrong, it should be Price Hill possibly a typo when the summit list was first done
So hope to cu next week end now.
CZ ee