Six Meter SOTA from Arizona Summits Tomorrow, June 12th

KF7NP and myself will be on SOTA summits for a number of hours tomorrow morning looking for Six Meter SOTA Activators and Chasers.

Both of us will have yagis and some power…all we need is a little luck from the DX gods.

Hopefully we will be able to finally work at least one real SOTA DX station on Six Meters, be it an Activator or a Chaser.

Watch for spots…!!



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Will watch for your spots and work you if I hear you with 3-el 6M3 up 40’. QRP/LP/HP.

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Hello Pete,
I will be on Mother Mountain (VE6/CM-002) on Saturday, starting at 1800z.
I plan to do mainly 6 m FT8, but I will be scanning using ssb (horizontal polarized Moxon) periodically. So I hope to talk to you.
Ken VE6AGR will be on Buffalo Hill (VE6/RA-100) starting at a similar time.



What radio are you using for 6m?

I plan to be on W7A/AW-013 around 1500. I am running an IC-705 outputting 10 watts into a 5 element Yagi. I will be operating SSB and FT8. Looking for SOTA chasers or activators on 6m.

Burke, KF7NP

Awesome, nice radio. My first HF rig is a KX2, though I’m eyeing the Xiegu X6100 once it hits the streets. I’ve yet to get a QSO on 6m.