SINPO reports

After reading the article on page 12 of this month’s Radcom, I’m wondering do we do enough for the UK 5mhz experiment. Operators are encouraged to send SINPO reports, log them and put them on the online database. After activating 5 summits this week in South Wales, one station gave me a SINPO report and to my shame I could not return his report. The article actually mentions SOTA twice, which is good publicity.
What do you think.
from Charlie.

In reply to G0PZO:
Charlie, I log a SINPO for all my 5 megs contacts which will eventually find their way to the people collecting the reports. I don’t burden the SOTA activators with them unless they give me one (some do!) as it is extra detail to exchange in marginal conditions. I suggest that everyone does that, exchange RS(T) over the air and record SINPO in the logs if the SOTA station is not automatically giving SINPO reports. I often make notes on the noise and type of fading, too - better too much data than too little!

When I sent in my first batch of data I received an email saying how very useful the SOTA contacts were because they frequently filled in very sparcely populated areas of the country.


Brian G8ADD