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Sierra Nevada Spain any SOTA plans?

Hi Folks
I am planning a trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain. Can’t seem to find any SOTA references for this area. Have I missed something? Are there any plans re SOTA for this area? Preferably before September!


In reply to MM0DHY:

Nice area. I have climbed there several times in both summer and winter. I am sure you will have fun!



In reply to MM0DHY:

Hi Adrian, the Sierra Nevada region is in EA7 area which unfortunately does not have an association yet, hence no references. Enjoy the trip, I`m jealous. I have walked extensively in the Alpujarras region just to the North of the Sierra Nevada & can highly recommend it.

In reply to MM0DHY:

If there’s nothing listed now then there will certainly be nothing before September!

I have to admit my ignorance to Spanish geography but looking at pictures of the Spanish Sierra Nevada, I cannot imagine the existing EA AM’s ignoring them unless they lie in EA7 call area where there is no association yet.


EDIT: Aha! Steve pipped me to the post… they are in EA7

In reply to MM0FMF:
We did have a possible AM who started some work for EA7 back in March this year, but nothing much ever became of it. Maybe someone else will come forward and pick up the role.
Jim g0cqk