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Show us your digital activations

Hello group,

M1EYP had the good idea of creating a thread so we could see what everyone uses for digital activations. So here is is . . . if you’re doing activations using digital HF modes please give us a quick description of the setup you are using, and how well it works. Let’s see what the “state of the art” is in SOTA right now for going digital from the hills.

I’ll go first. The following is my (untried and untested) setup to run psk31 and RTTY from a peak:

  • Samsumg 8" tablet,
  • Wolphi-Link interface (basically a VOX-operated PTT),
  • Software is two paid apps: Droidpsk and DroidRTTY,

I’m still working out the bugs on this setup before going live with it. Once I have it running I’ll probably mostly run psk31.

The nice thing is that when I’m headed up the peak I can use the same tablet (with internal GPS), a mobilinkd TNC2, and the APRSDroid app to beacon via APRS. I get two uses out of the same gear, and I don’t need a second radio to run APRS since the Yaesu 817 has 2M capability.

Later on I’m thinking about taking a raspberry pi with me and using remote desktop functionality to use my tablet as a screen. Then I can run FLdigi or the WSJT modes and try those out too. One step at a time though . . . .

So that’s my setup. What are you guys using?

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