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Show off your MTR4B V2

Here is mine in action! I love this little radio.


I’ve really enjoyed this radio. Need to make some SSB activations in the near future or imma get in trouble!! :rofl:


Hi Casey (@AI7NN)

You could possibly simplify your setup by using an LNR Trail Friendly antenna and eliminate the need for the match unit.

That aside what peak is the snap taken on? Looks nice!



I am using a linked end fed for 20,30,40 and 80. The transformer weighs 17 grams if memory serves me correctly. I have two, one for when using 20,30 and 40m, and another when using 80m.

The picture was on top of Strawberry Mountain W7O/NE-018.


Hi Eric @AI7NN

Thanks on the location. I’ve never been that far east in OR but looks very nice.

I mixed up the setup snaps with @N4DCW who I think has the match unit.

I use the LNR end fed and deploy almost the same as your deployment with a bendy carbon fiber mast. Works well enough and the biggest plus for me is weight and speed of deployment.

What are the improvements in your iteration of the MTR versus prior 4 banded?

Steve Weber is a prolific radio designer.



Thanks for the comment!

Yes, I know there are other, simpler setups for that radio. That QRPGuys tuner was my first ever kit build and I used it on that (and 2 other) SOTA activations for the sole purpose of being able to say I build it and cut my own antennas.


I love it too! I did a side by side comparison with my beloved FT818 when I first starts using it. The MTR4BV2 for what it is designed for blows the 818 away with its tight filtering and minuscule power draw.

Here is its very similar companion the Venus SW3B

I am still testing to see which is a better performer. So far it’s a tie!



Erik @KE8OKM

It’s obvious you know where your towel is!


All my radioing is portable, and I dont go to the parks after dark, so 80m isnt a band I would use.
So Im still using my original 3b. Afters 5 years I’ve got all the kinks worked out.
I use a 65’ wire with the QRP guys matcher for 40 and 20. Then I just wind the wire in to about 46’ for 30 meters.


Hi Rick,
Looking at the neat setup in your picture, I see you don’t seem to use a counterpoise wire despite it’s apparently advised by QRPGuys to be used with their minituner.
Can you, please, develop on why you don’t use a C.P.?



People were asking me about that at a club picnic one year. So we did a test, running the rig with different lengths of counterpoise and CQing under the guys different calls.
The RBN showed not much difference for any of the counerpoises.
The experts said that means my key, earphone and body are acting as the CP then. So what? I’ve got most of the US and many western European countries sitting down at the park with my 3 watts!



After a few failed attempts at building a K6ARK trapped end fed I went with the same solution. Currently it is only built for 20/30 but I’ll probably add another link for 40. I could not be happier with this antenna.

Back on topic, I love the look of the MTR-4b. The one thing it has that my MTR-3b doesn’t is the SWR indicator. That would be so handy.

He must be one hoopy frood. :slightly_smiling_face: