Short SOTA trip

After having spent all day at Donostia-San Sebastian Science Museum, tomorrow Oier and me will follow to Larrun (La Rhune) F/PO-212 and EA2/NV-118, to try a short activation of both references.
After that we’ll cross Nafarroa towards south to Estella-Lizarra and, on thursday, activate Monjardin EA2/NV-121, if we are on time. I’ll try to put alerts. We are now in Lezo (Gipuzkoa) very close to Jaizkibel… another EA2/SS ref.

In reply to EA2CW:

Hello Mikel,
Please, let me write you some words firstly I’m glad that you are visiting these places with Oier specially Larun summit, I am sure you will be enjoying the views of Basque lands. Other reason that starts this discussion is the fact that two sota references from the same summit will be activated on the same day, by the same person.
I guess this can be done while you have your both feet in different “countries” but would not be ethically appropiate.
According my experience in EA2, last years we had in our hands a lot bordering summits like Toloño, Cueto, Raso, Rodil, Burgueno, Moncayo… that could be activated using both references but we left one for another day.
Only there were cases of multiple activations - more than two hams were they were using this possibility at the same day.
Maybe this is considered a misure or it is the reason that I found to answer why are disappearing double references in EA during last years.
I hope you understand anyway everyone feels free in the mountains.
Regards, Inaki.