Short ferry to small PNW island near Anacortes, WA | Guemes Island W7W/SK-177

Activated Guemes Island W7W/SK-177 back in May 2019 while on a family day trip, and was ready to get back to hang out for a few hours. Turned out to be a nice mid-week sunny Fall day on Sep 27th, and enjoyed the VHF and HF qso’s…thank you for all contacts! 73, James WA7JNJ

Short ferry ride from Anacortes

Summit view from north side of summit

Thank you for all qso’s!

Guemes QSO List


Hi James,

the landscape is simply beautiful and I am impressed by the quality of the video, so two thumbs up! :+1: :+1:
As far as I could tell, you were using at least two cameras, right? May I ask you about the equipment you use, particularly for the “selfies”?
Thanks for sharing, all the best! :grinning:
73 de Peter, DM7KN


Hello Peter, and thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated!

After using my phone for the first year of making videos, earlier this year I started using the GoPro10 with a Diety mic. In September, was excited to get the Insta360 X3 camera for “selfie” views without the selfie stick…and gives the ability to get some fun & creative shots. Since it films in 360 degrees, it’s an extra step to reframe the portion of the video you want in 16x9 ratio…but have loved the camera so far! The pictures of the GoPro setup & Insta360 below are from a short hike to Goose Rock at Deception Pass last weekend… 73, James WA7JNJ


Very interesting, James. Thanks for sharing your “secrets”. :wink:
73, Peter