Shoe Goo

I have discovered a small cut in the sole of my right boot,while not expensive boots they dont have many miles on them so worth a repair IMO.

Looking around i see a product called shoe goo, has anyone used this stuff and if so is it any good? Sean M0GIA

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It works well, I use it an a sealent for Peli cases when running cables out of them for bullet cameras for filming, it is the only stuff I have found that sticks well to the plastic of the case and maintains a seal.

I have fixed a few seals on boots with it and they are still working now.

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I’ve seen it offered for £2.99 a tube, a price at which it is worth trying. One thing to watch out for is whether this really is a cut or whether it is a flaw in the sole material. If it’s a flaw you may find similar defects continue to appear as you use the boots.


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ShoeGoo: Sticks well, bonds poorly, seals great. When using, don’t try and “touch up” the application with your finger or any tool, you’ll only make it look worse.

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Thanks for the replys and advice on applying Shoegoo, i have probably stood on a nail while cutting up pallets for the wood burner … it looks like a cut and if i pick up a tube of shoe goo cheap then nothings lost. Sean M0GIA