Shining Tor and Confessions of a S2S Junkie

Just a quick activation report and a thank you to all the chasers/S2Ss for the year.

At the beginning of 2022, I started my second year as a Ham, so I decided to set myself a personal challenge. After a bit of searching, I came up with the goal of 5K S2S points in a year. Living in the East Midlands, there are no summits close by, so I tend to travel over to the west of the Peak District a lot. A few people may have caught me on Shining Tor G/SP-004 :slight_smile: , which despite being my closest summit, is still an hour away.

At the beginning of last week I realised my goal was not too far away, so decided to go for one last push. Whilst driving across the Peaks the weather was awful. I was tempted to turn back but as I drove up to the Cat and Fiddle Pub, the clouds opened and there was Shining Tor, surrounded by cloud.

I had a great session getting 15 S2S contacts (60 points) but the bands were quite quiet, so I called it a day. The walk down was amazing.

The plan was to try and finish my quest on Saturday, so I arrived early. The weather was dry but cloudy and freezing cold. With some the 10-15m bands opening up recently, I have been using my Xiegu G90 with a Super Antenna. This combination works really well and gives me a lot of flexibility (Thanks Mark M0NOM for the tip). I use a handheld with a Slim G for 2m. S2Ss were coming pretty regularly, so I began to think it was in the bag! Whilst I was getting a lot of QSOs, most of the S2Ss were low scores. In 4 hours I got 31 S2Ss with 109 points, I was just 14 points short of my target, but suddenly the Spots seemed to dry up… After a long wait, with the temperatures plummeting, reluctantly I decided to call it a day.

Looking at the weather for the next day I was gutted to see that wall to wall snow, was forecast! Getting up this morning, things looked a bit better. The forecast was now only for mist and fog! I quickly got my kit together and drove over. At the Cat and Fiddle Pub (where I park) It was blowing a gale and pouring with rain! Plan B… Back in the car I drove to Gun Hill G/SP-013.

The weather here was much brighter and dry! With my first two QSOs I got to two 10 point S2Ss. Goal reached! ‘Jobs a Good Un’ as they say in Derbyshire. In total I got 50 QSOs with 10 S2S.

That’s me done for 2022! I am away now for the rest of the year, so feel free to visit! I will miss the jokes about where I am, thanks Rob and Ben! However I think the best joke came yesterday when Andy GW6PJZ asked me ‘How much Council Tax do I have to pay for living on Shining Tor!?’ It has been a great year and the ‘All Time UK S2S Roll of Honour’ is getting interesting! Thanks John, Tom and Allan, you have all given me targets to go for (even if you didn’t know it)! Here’s to 2023!


Congratulations Martin.

We’ve had 9 S2S, for one of which you weren’t on Shining Tor!

You are top S2S for 2022 All G All modes. So far, I’m top for 2022 All G CW only, but no where near your amazing total.


Well done Martin for reaching the top of the England summit to summit list with 7551 points. I managed to hang on to the top spot for a while, but I knew you would overtake me eventually. Well done again.
Allan has the top UK summit to summit position at the moment. Speak you in the new year. It’s all good fun.


Congratulations Martin. That’s some achievement!

You’re only in my log once, but at least it was from Ben Macdui, so 10 points. And yes, you were at your second home.

I’ve rarely chased summit to summits but I’ve somehow accrued more S2S poimts than Activator points. Go figure!


It has been fun John, It always brings a smile to my face every time we chat. Have a great 2023!


Fraser, I have seen your spots loads, I am surprised we only managed one QSO! Hopefully we can do better in 2023. I do have a Scotland expedition planned.

Cheers Mate

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Well - if you get one s2s on every activation you can not help doing so :smiley:
Edit - apart from the winter bonus,.



Many Congratulations Martin! That is a superb achievement! I’m sure we’ve had a few S2S QSOs during the year, so many thanks for those. Will you be taking up residency somewhere else next year?

73 and well done again!
Matthew, M0JSB :beers:

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Well done Martin - quite an achievement. It has taken me since whenever the table was commenced to get to 6000 plus.
I see that Vicki and Allan are fighting it out on 2m, leaving the rest of us way behind.
Enjoy your break - catch you again when you return.


Extremely well done Martin. That is some achievement indeed. Your SOTA activity is the exact opposite to mine - Unique summits and I don’t usually chase S2S contacts - but hey, isn’t SOTA great? There’s such flexibility that we can all get out of the scheme what we want to. I suppose what we all have in common is none of us have enough time to spend on the hills! :grinning:

73, Gerald


Well done Martin, That’s quite an achievement (and commitment) especially given your travel distance. You picked the better day, it was quite misty on Friday.


Hi Martin,

Congratulations to your 5k S2S points :+1: :partying_face:
You sounded very happy today during our S2S when you told me about!

Hard to believe, but your WX looks definitely better than mine. I was in the Black Forrest on DM/BW-002, also about 1h from home, that was covered by a layer of snow, but no need to use snow shoes, because the snow was hard.

At the beginning, there was a mixture of ice and rain that changed to “normal” rain. Temperature was around the freezing point, but there was a comfy and rotatable chair to lay on, originally intended probably for sun bathing, hi.

The only minor struggle I had was to wipe my smartphone screen every second contact I logged: switch off the screen, wipe it, switch the screen on again. No problem, with the time one gets used to. And I could still read the signal meter of my radio, even its screen was completely covered by water.

After I had 36 contacts on 20m in the log, I made another S2S with @M0NOM on this band, listened a bit on the noisy 40m for more S2S, but due to numb fingers, I finally decided to call it a day.

73 Stephan



I was pretty happy. Thanks so much, you helped make my day. After having to abandon yesterday after being so close.

Seeing your conditions I see I have no right to complain!

Hope to get you again soon!

73 Martin


Congratulations Martin :+1: you’ve had a great year of achievements with gaining over 5000 S2S points and passing your intermediate exam - great going! I hope I’ve managed to help you on your way from one or two summits I’ve activated :grinning:

I’m pretty sure after a few days into your holiday you’ll be getting withdrawal symptoms and saying ‘my summit reference is G/SP-004’ in your sleep :rofl:

Well done on hitting your goal - I look forward to finding out what next years target is! Maybe 5000 S2S points from the Gun?? You were just trying it out for comfort the other day? hi!

I hope both yourself and XYL have a good Christmas and catch you on air 2023!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Cheers Ben

You have had a good year yourself especially with the MG! Always great to catch you on a summit, not sure Gun will be my focus… too much dog s***. Planning a new focus next year, but does feature S2S!

Catch you soon.


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How about 5000 S2S points on CW?

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I think you and Tom have shares in a Key manufacturing company! LOL


It’s only as I approached MG that the S2S points lept ahead! I think the recent Trans-Atlantic event swung it


Hi Martin,

Your mission is a very good one, the S2S is the pinnacle of summits, so to speak.

How would you feel about aiming for “S2S completes”. Ie. You have an S2S between summit A and summit B, and also between summit B and summit A. Ie. You have been the activator and chaser on both summits, making s2s between those two summits.

I’ll give you another few years to bring that one to fruition! :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Congratulations Martin. @2E0BIA

For me s2s are magical and takes considerable commitment to get those points. Keep up the good work and looking forward to many more s2s with you in 2023.

73 Allan GW4VPX