Severe Geomagnetic Storm

Unfortunately it’s a 48 hour contest, so if condx improve, so will the contest signals!

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Similar for me, from a HB9 summit today: CT and EA8 was OK, but otherwise pretty bad…

@GW4BML I heard you just above the noise, with splatter form contest stations. Unfortunately, not enough S/N ratio to make a S2S.

On the other side, you can use contests to your advantage, e.g working new countries, like Uruguay today on 10m SSB. I’m not interested in diplomas, it’s just for fun.

73 Stephan

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Sorry we didn’t manage a S2S Stephan @HB9EAJ, I found conditions not good this morning and the bands seemed very noisy. If your out tomorrow, we might try again?

Yes I completely agree with you, there is always good opportunities to work different countries when the WW contests are on.

Take care and 73,