Sensitive summit ecology?

I’m planning an activation of W1/GM-011.

I have read that the open summit of this mountain is an ecologically sensitive area and one must be very careful to only step on rock and not on the low waxy plants, grasses, mosses.

It is a sharply defined summit and as best as I can tell from google maps satellite view, the entire activation zone (4000’ contour) is inside this ecologically sensitive zone.

I will end up hopping from exposed rock to exposed rock and not stepping on plants/mosses but how does one get an antenna going in this kind of environment?

Normally I would tie off the antenna guys on rocks or if there is enough soil cover sink a few tent pegs. None of that will be possible on this summit, walking around to find guy points may not be possible and may be too damaging.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Can an exception be made to the 25m activation zone rule for some summits?


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Hi Martin, Is it Mount Mansfield?

Last time I’ve been there is maybe 13 yaers ago. I think you will have enough place somewhere to setup without walking on grasses etc… But honestly, it’s too far away in time to be sure of that.

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Can you loop guys around rocks?


Brian G8ADD

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Using google maps there are quite a lot of summit photo’s.
Just browsing those it doesn’t look too bad at all, you can always tie the guys around hefty rocks.
an inverted V can be easily guyed with rocks, that’s my normal MO.


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Tying off to rocks seems to be the general advice.

I’ll take along plenty of string and see what happens :slight_smile:


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Be sure to taste a nice Long Trail Pale ale.If you dont, you’ll regret it! :wink:

Take a hike!

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Hi Martin - have you seen:-

There looks plenty of room to set up, not too dissimilar to some of our rocky UK summits (GW/NW-005 springs to mind).
The only problem I could think of is a run-in with officialdom, ie Park Rangers. Hope you`re successful.

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Hi Martin,

While watching the video I spotted a nice vertical rock close to the guy’s rucksack which I would be tempted to bungie a pole to. With an inverted vee with its ends tied to rocks, it would then probably need no further support. It all depends on the strength of the wind when you are up there.

All the best for your activation. It looks to be a great summit.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Nice videos, guys - didn’t think about YouTube.

Looks like it will be okay.

Bungee cords… packed.
Jackite pole… packed.
Inverted vee… packed.

Can’t wait!