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Semi-permanent 10m sotabeams pole

Antenna weighs 3kgs without coax and wind load…

No. Or yes, but not for very long. For assorted definitions of ‘very long’.

Yes… that’s what I was wondering. Thank you for the reply.

Oh well, I’d better go buy another TV mast before all the shops close :astonished:

One of my other temporary masts is a TV pole that goes into a rotary washing line hole in the ground… Does the job but it’s only 15’ and means more £ :joy:

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im also using “temporary” fishing poles for 5-6 yeas now… all good. I do have a mast that I can install finally on the roof! :slight_smile:

I agree, Tasos, all good. I have been using a fishing pole as a permanent mast for many years. One snapped in a gale a year ago, it had been in place for many years.

Image result for garden gnome fishing


Now we’re back to 45 degree polarisation!


Wax is handy for easy undo-able glueing of the joints.
(also for potting things instead of silicones and urethanes)

You can put the coax up the middle for less windage - foam coax will be lighter. Perhaps a thin teflon coax for the top couple of metres where the ID is less. (you can probably slide ferrite beads on there too, to form the balun inside the pole.

Make sure your thin wires are guyed with thin shock cord or weights/pulleys so the tension is limited when things move.

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I’m using the same Sotapole for my permanent antenna while in Isolation in Roswell NM. 10m pole with packtenna 30 ft endfed bungeed to the side as a vertical. It outperforms my “permanent” hygain 18VS by 4 s units. No tape or clamps. I just pulled the sections real tight. Full disclosure - the wind can blow mighty hard in the desert and over the last four months, I have had to bring it down twice to reset the joints.

Damn good antenna pole!

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