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Self-spots from LD


Had problems self-spotting from GW/NW-011 and NW-030 recently. Mobile phones (T-Mobile & Vodafone) just OK for speech but nothing else.

Due to be in LD from 10th - 20th July - anyone have any experience of any summits from which self-spots will not work? Will be in caravan in Troutbeck area for 5 days, then down to Coniston. Hope to get on some of the higher fells with HF ssb (80, 40 and 20)

Also, recommended beaches on the west coast?

Regards and thanks



In reply to M0DFA:

Dave if you have problems spotting and only have access to voice on the mobile the CQ town Mafia will always take phone calls and spot you. If you email me I will send you my number, although Mike GW0DSP is a better bet as he is not so encumbered by working for a living. I am sure there are others who also will oblige too.

I can’t recommend beaches as I hate sand in my shoes.

regards Steve GW7AAV 73

E-mail on QRZ.com


In reply to GW7AAV:

Indeed Steve, you can email me for mobile number for spots Dave.