Self spot spam apology!

I’m really sorry about the self spot spam!

I’ve no idea what happened there; I posted a single self spot from my mobile then put the phone down and didn’t touch it again all afternoon. It really wasn’t intentional (especially as I’d moved off SSB after about ten minutes). It must have been doing page refreshes on its own or something. I’ll blame Windows Mobile :slight_smile:

very humble 73s,

Matt G7GCR

In reply to G7GCR:
OK Matt, I charged it on your biking on a rather jolting stone paved road while sending the sms. :wink:

73: Joska, HA5CW

In reply to HA5CW:

I used the “full” spotting form on this site (rather than spotlite or the smsbot) and pocket IE on my windows mobile phone. Perhaps I ought to register for the smsbot if doing this again (or make sure that IE is closed after posting the spot).


Matt, G7GCR

In reply to G7GCR:

There are lots of ways for this kind of thing to happen. Most involve one part of the comms link not being aware that its message has been received correctly at the far end. This results in the mobile end repeatedly send the message over and over. The far end acks the message but it’s not received and pazoow… 23 identical spots. I’ve seen it happen with mobile internet connections and with text messages. It happened to me once when I was sat in Munich airport and I sent to text to a friend who was crossing into France from Germany. The result was my phone sent the same text 8 times. I had to pay 8 times to send and he had to pay 8 times to receive.