Seeking Denmark activation advice

I have an upcoming business trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and I am planning to do a quick activation or two while I’m there. This will be my first time operating away from my home country, and I would very much appreciate any advice.

I hold a US amateur “extra” license, so I think I am covered by the CEPT agreement, and will bring a copy of the paperwork. Is it correct to identify as OZ/K6STR/P ?

I have a copy of the ITU region 1 band plan. Any special notes? I’ll primarily operate HF cw, but may try SSB as well. Does anyone know if I’m likely to find any 2m FM chasers, and what the appropriate simplex frequency would be?

Thanks for any advice!
Mike K6STR


Hi Mike,

Denmark unfortunatly not the country that is known for it’s many mountains. Closest by to Copenhagen is

Extra is reciprocal to Full CEPT licence so that should be fine CEPT

Usual 2m FM calling frequency is 145.500 MHz. (12,5 MHz channel steps)

The bandplan for HF can be found here: LINK

The german club DARC is compiling a very nice list for CEPT rules per country. Denmark is of course included LINK

For Europe chasers listen out especially for /P but you got that right already.

73 Joe

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See Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e. V. for CEPT info.

If you happen to activate OZ/OZ-004 - carefully there is a free dog on the farm near the summit… better drive until you passed the farm…



From memory I think you are supposed to have in paper form;
a) the CEPT agreement that grants you the privilege to operate in Denmark
b) your US license
c) your US passport


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Thanks, everyone, for the information. I will probably try a couple of summits in Sjaelland. I will have to slow down to catch all the unfamiliar cw call signs !
Mike K6STR

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I will have to slow down to catch all the unfamiliar cw call signs !

This is a great page to train SOTA callsigns in CW (plenty of European callsigns pop-up); no software to install etc. :slight_smile: