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Seefeld Austria holiday offer

If anyone is planning a trip to Austria I have just spotted an add in the local paper for £599 for 8 days in Selfield Austria, 7 nights 3star hotel breakfast buffet, flights included return from Tees Valley.

Not to sure what the regions area maybe OE/TL or TI, departs 24th July 2016.


OE/TL was only added because the number of listed summits (valid and invalid) exceeded 999 and the database only allows 3-digit number. There is no regional distinction between TL and TI - they both refer to Tyrol (OE7).

73, Sylvia

As Sylvia said, Seefeld is in the TL and TI region of Austria just north of Innsbruck - LOTS of SOTA summits in the area Graeme.