Second OK Activation. Getting better

Yesterday saw XYL and I on our second activation.

This time Plesivec OK-ST-015 in the Brdy hills to the south of Prague.

WK was much kinder to us with sunshine all the way.

My backpack has now shrunk to 12kg including sustenance for both two and four legged members of the activation team. I think this can be further reduced to sub 10kg not least by only carrying a single power pack, and reducing the guying kit.

As per recommendations, this time antenna was a 40m efhw which tunes fine on 40/20/10m, and we self spotted on Sotawatch . We only operated on 20m as it happens, but contacts flew thick and fast. Thank you for all of our chasers, we much appreciate the easier activation.

It was pretty busy on this summit with many families with young children stretching their legs and getting some long overdue fresh air after confinements of winter. This meant keeping the activation short as I didn’t want to attract too much attention and attendant risk of people or animals getting snagged in the the minimal guys and rigging. Next time out, plan is to take longer and to use Sotawatch to identify any S2S opportunities available.

Again, thanks for the advice guys… we’re making progress :+1: :+1: :+1:

73 de Jon and the OK8GB activation team.


Would be fun to see some photos of you in action and the surroundings. Can you upload some of your next activation?


indeed, photos to follow.

73 de Jon


Well done Jon, and glad the contacts came more quickly this time!

73, Matthew - M0JSB

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