Scout Anniversary Sunrise Activation

As part of the 100th Anniversary of the Scout Association Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be camping over the night of the 31st July 07 in order to see in the sunrise on the 1st August (the ‘official’ anniversary).

The Forth Valley Cubs and Scouts are are camping on Dumyat (SS-216) whilst the older Explorers are camping on Carleatheran (SS-175).

As a Scout Commissioner I have the option to camp on either summit. Both summits have been activated by myself in the past couple of months so they will not count for activator points but I am aware that there are many chasers who wouldn’t have caught me on either of those hills.

Therefore I am putting it to the chasers to decide which hill I activate. Because I will be up there over night I will take extra batteries and will be happy to activate most frequencies CW/SSB/FM HF and VHF. Not sure what the activation times will be yet but will try and tie it in with the Tuesday Fun Night timings initially. Please advise which hill you would like and what bands/modes preferred.

Many thanks


In reply to GM4CFS:

Hello Glyn

If you are camping overnight I would appreciate CW activity on 80m, from either summit. GL with the Anniversary.

District Commissioner (Retd)

In reply to G4SSH:

Noted Roy and FB on being retired DC. I retired 5 years ago from being AAC (ACC) up in Elgin but got persued to take on an AAC role in Stirling organising activities and events - no peace for the wicked…



In reply to GM4CFS:

Hi Glyn, I already have both summits, so any will do, any mode, but preferably 60cw/80cw if evening/overnight.

73 Mike GW0dsp

Hi Glyn,
My preference is for SS-216 as it would be a new one for me. I finish 12hour nights that morning and would love it if I could catch you when I arrive home at from about 07:30 probably on either 60M or 80M SSB.

Here’s hoping the weather is kind.
Steve GW7AAV 73