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Scott WA9STI, Newest W6 Mountain Goat!

Congrats Scott on making MG status. Really pleased we could be there working you at the start plus the Goat peak and many in between. Always enjoy working you and looking forward to many more SOTA contacts.

Gary A. - W0MNA

I appreciate all the comments on the Reflector and from those who have sent me individual emails about my recent Goat activation. Seeing all the familiar callsigns reminds me of the common bond that we as SOTA operators have. Besides our ham radio hobby, we also have a love of the outdoors. As we leave our vehicle for a solo hike on either a well-marked trail or a bushwhack, we wonder “Did I bring everything?” “Will the gear work?” On top after setting up our antenna, it is really cold (or really hot) and we hunker down to get out of the wind or find some shade. We look over at the clouds and hope the weather does not change. As we start our first CQ SOTA, we wonder “Will band conditions be good enough so I can make my four contacts?” And then that ever reliable chaser answers our first call and we can feel the relief that this is going to be a good day.

SOTA operators are patient. Chasers are going to crank up whatever they have on their receivers to pull out our weak signals. SOTA operators are polite. When an “S2S” is heard, everyone will stand by. I always smile to myself when making an S2S because I know there is someone else out there who went through the same process as I did to make it to their summit and are enjoying a view like I am. SOTA operators are honest. You are going to get a truthful signal report whether you are a “229” or really a “59”. And SOTA operators are willing to share. They will post information and directions on the Resource page for a summit or respond to an email inquiry from a prospective activator who wants to go where they have been. It has been a great run for me these past five years.

I would be remiss if I did not give a shout-out to my XYL Karla KB6LAS, that’s KB6 Los Angeles Sweetheart, her original call from the FCC. While Karla has accompanied me on only a handful of my activations and never made a contact, she is always willing to let me borrow her KX2 or KX3 for my operation.

CU on a summit.

Scott WA9STI


Congratulations Scott. I was happy to work you on ur MG summit and thanks for the many QSO’s along the way.

73 Rich N4EX

Congrats Scott! Welcome to the herd - always good to hear you out there!

Congratulations Scott!! Welcome to the herd.

Lee N7LP

Congratulations Scott, proud to log you as my first SOTA qso on such a momentous day! Pat KI9T

Congratulations Scott! As you said, it always fun to hear those familiar call signs come back to your CQ. Here’s to many more QSO’s.


Congratulations Scott! Wish I knew it was your MG act when chasing you, but my signal was light nonetheless :slight_smile: It is always a pleasure hearing you on the air or seeing in person. Hope to chase you again many more times and for some S2S along the way!

Congrats, Scott. I didn’t realize that contact we had was your MG trek. Always a pleasure to work you 2xQRP, and hope for many more QSOs in the future.

Danny, AE9F

Congratulations Scott!

Congratulations, Scott!

Steve W6SAE

Fine business Scott. An achievement indeed.
Tom - KB9ENS