Scott WA9STI, Newest W6 Mountain Goat!

On March 22, 2019, Scott WA9STI completed his Mountain Goat activation on Dante Benchmark, W6/ND-144, in Death Valley National Park. He worked 42 chasers to include three S2S stations. His journey to Mountain Goat took him on activations in 21 states plus Ireland. He choose this location because it was on March 21, 2014 that he did his very first SOTA activation at Dante, working 17 stations. Among those chasers who contacted him that first time were W0MNA, W0ERI, NS7P, and W7CNL who worked him again on this five year anniversary for his Goat. Besides the view that all activators seek from their high points, being at 5704 feet above Death Valley at Dante gave Scott a look down to Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America at minus 282 feet/ 86 meters below sea level. Scott looks forward to continuing activations in new states, chasing from his California and Wisconsin QTHs, and personally meeting SOTA operators at various events.

Well done, Scott!

W6 Association Manager


Way to go Scott! It’s always great to catch you on the bands!

73, Bud N7CW

Congrats Scott! It’s been a while since our last S2S - hope to have a bunch of them with you this year.

-Josh WU7H

Congratulations MG :goat: Scott! 73/88

Congratulations, Scott!

Thanks for all the contacts over the years!

73, Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Scott! Thanks for the past contacts and I hope for many more , hopefully some S2S :slight_smile:

Ron - K6CPR

Great job Scott, thanks for all the chaser points. Stay safe on the peaks
73 GL

Congratulations Scott on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Thanks for all activations in my log plus the chases and few S2S too!

John N0EVH

Congrats and welcome to the herd Scott! It’s really great to see such an accomplished Chaser also become a Mtn Goat!! Thanks for all the contacts through the years my friend. Keep up the great work!

73, Brad

Congratulations Scott. Tried to work you but way too weak and close. Good job.
Don, NK6A

Congratulations, Scott! Glad I was able to work you on your MG summit!

Dave, AE9Q

Scott, congratulations! I was so happy to be able to work you on both CW and SSB during this activation, and to be the #4 QSO. Thank you for all the activations, as well as summit recommendations and other advice you have shared.

73 Paula k9ir

Excellent job, Scott!
73! Oleh KD7WPJ

Congrats Scott! FB!

73, Jim/K7MK

Congrats Scott!

Congrats Scott.


Welcome to the herd Scott!

OHHRAH Scott! Congratulations. Glad I was able to catch you on 60M this day of your goathood activation :wink: Look forward to another eyeball QSO and a few cold 807’s to celebrate…See you on the bands…73, Todd KH2TJ

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Scatt - Congratulations. At Pacificon this was the goal you ave yourself. Very glad to see that you accomplished it!