Schneeberg DM/BM-161

Today’s activation of DM/BM-161 Schneekopf looking across to DM/BM-160 Ochsenkopf which I did earlier. Wx 37C at parking spot (approx 780m asl) probably the same at the summit, 1054m asl. Operating position. The bands we’re rubbish. Only 19 stations logged. 3 guys at the TV tower we’re watching me and one was taking photos of me so I packed up and left.

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Interesting photos of this place Steve from which you probably would not have been operating pre 1989…

A fair ascent you must have been pretty sweated up by the time you reached the top.

73 Phil

I don’t know what the situation was back then Phil. But it was part of the West, albeit close to the Czech border. Yes I was sweating a bit … Think Niagara Falls :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I QSYed to your frequency 7.150 looking for a S2S with you, but I was hardly copying you barely on the noise, so I decided to not even give you a call, as I would have been unable to understand you.
I think it would have been possible on 10m, but I understand the circumstances under which you decided to QRT and leave.
Next time…


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No need to worry about people at the tower. This could have been even other radio amateurs. There is a repeater, a beacon and APRS digi and various other ham infrastructure in the radom. They also use the small building at the entrance for contests.
Or some of the commercial telecommuication guys - but nobody we have to fear.
In former times situation was different: The complete summit was restricted area! You were even not allowed to visit the lookout tower. Your operating position was the ground of the US station which has been completely removed.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Thanks for the info Michael.

There are several summits with military installations, which the military has abandoned. So no need to worry on these summits: Großer Kornberg, DM/BM-153, Schneeberg DM/BM-161, Schwarzriegel DM/BM-368.
There are also summits, where the military is still active and where it is better not to get in touch with them: Großer Arber DM/BM-047, Döbraberg DM/BM-332, and some others.
Of course Erbeskopf DM/RP-158 is the one, you have to get a permission before activating.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Hi Steve,

the weather was much better than that during my last two activations.

Oct 27. 2018

Mar 2. 2019

Temperature below minus, strong and icy wind and something between water and ice in the air. The daylight was going away. So I was using the lower platform of the look-out and was glad after 4 QSO on 70 cm. No way to set up the short wave station.

73 Ludwig DH8WN

Hi Ludwig (Udo?) thanks for your pictures. Looks a similar operating position. I think there was tropo on 2m yesterday but left my antenna in the car :roll_eyes: