Sceilg Mhicil EI/IS-121

Jimmy, This is borderline trolling. If the MT is concerned about the validity of any activation, they should contact the relevant person off-line.

The one person who knows is the person who hasn’t commented on this post, ie the activator, but you have basically decided he’s guilty of trespass thanks to your detective work and photo of a blurry sign.

This thread is not based on any fact, is very negative, not in the ethos of SOTA and should be disbanded. @G8ADD


As a side point of interest I recently watched “Emerald Isles” - a TV program by Ardal O’Hanlon aired on the BBC, exploring Irish offshore islands including Skellig Michael

Available on iPlayer for UK viewers link



The activator has been in contact with MT, and confirmed that it was not possible to access the AZ. He operated in the hope that there was a possibility of a relaxation of the rules for summits like this with no legitimate access. He has confirmed he will delete the QSOs from the database, and chasers that worked him are advised to do likewise.


I have temporarily re-opened this topic to say one thing. If anybody has any doubts about the validity of an activation then the proper procedure is to inform the MT, and they should not start a thread speculating on whether or not the activator had broken the rules. As we see here, a long and speculative thread can ensue, and if the activator has actually made a valid activation then such a thread can only be hurtful.