I saw this Alert for Sunday 12 July and was curious.
04:00 G6DDQ on G/LD-002 1297.5-fm
(Posted by G6DDQ)
I wish Myke well with a 5am activation of a WOTA summit using only 23cm band. At least with Wainwrights on the Air, one QSO will qualify the activation. Have a good walk.
David 2E0DAI

In reply to M6WOW:

Its not a hill that I would choose to climb on a night like this, good luck and take care, Myke, if you go for it.


Brian G8ADD

Good luck Myke with your WOTA activation of Scafell on 23cms.

I saw an alert posted back on the 17th of June saying Myke G6DDQ would be activating some GM/NS summits on 2m FM. Did you go up there and activate those summits?

Jimmy M3EYP