SB009 Activation

Tried to activate SB009 (Ross Hill) today… just managed it
Many thanks to George & Lisa M0BQD & G2ARY - local regulars who got me started - NB G2ARY is George (formerly M1BTG). Also thanks to M0KKL and G4VPU. All on 2m FM

I thought 2m FM was quiet, until I tried SSB!! Using a 45W Linear with my FT817. I called for half an hour…no replies at all…tuning around, the only thing I could hear was the Dundee beacon!!

I did hear an HA station on 6m…but all in all a very quiet afternoon

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I am sure that you would have had more luck if you had used SPOTlite. Hope the weather was better than here where it has rained all day (often heavily).



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Weather wasn’t bad at all, cloudy but warm(ish)

I posted an alert two hours before I went out, but I was still surprised how quiet things were. 2m FM is usally fairly active on a weekend.

Couldn’t reply to the station on 6M…had forgotton the right bit of rubber duck for the 817!! (probably wouldn’t have got through anyway)

Nice day out though

73 Rob (G1TPO)

In reply to G1TPO:

I have chased that one on two metres SSB so there should be good coverage from there. There might have been more customers if there had been a spot. I think the problem could have to do with the fact we were all beaming South East looking for TOM M1EYP & Jimmy M3EYP on the rare CE summits. Not that I got them :o(

Better luck next time out.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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Sounds like my weather Rob. Started out pure blue sky and clouded up by the end of the second activation but it was 22C according to the car.

Didn’t hear anything on 6m, not even birdies or sproggies. Angus beacon was S9+++ on a vertical 1/2wave endfed on 2m. 60m conditions were not brilliant for me. But I did work 3x S2S; from SS-219: G0AZS/P on CE-005 (60m) and from SS-208: MM3XGP/P on SS-259 (2m) and GM7PKT/P on SS-002 (2m).


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Sorry to hear things didn’t work out as planned yesterday Rob. I activated Ros Hill last year when up in the SB’s. It was done on the spur of the moment and I self-spotted using Spotlite and had takers on 2m SSB within a couple of minutes. Seems like it was just down to circumstances.

73, Gerald