SB-? Ros Crag or Long Hill

My apologies to anyone to whom I gave the wrong reference today especially Steve GW7AAV and Mike GW0DSP - any others please check your logs. I was definitely on SB-009 Ros Hill today but for some reason my mind kept creeping back to 10 days ago and I gave the summit reference as SB-008 to some chasers - not just once but a number of times - I corrected as often as I could - but kept drifting - mental block. Next time (which currently looks like TW-002 tomorrow based on the wx forecast)I am going to carry a big card to be stuck in front of me, with the summit reference.

Great day out today - several S2S contacts - but being as far north as I was - I must have been too close and inside the skip so I could not hear Ken, Robin or Barry so it was very frustrating to hear so many others working them but hearing zilch from them.
73 & hp 2 wrk u 2moro
jim g0cqk

In reply to G0CQK:

:0D LOL - Not the first and certainly not the last. I was convinced you said 008 and I heard you give a later chaser 009. At least I know it wasn’t me messing up, it usually is. Thanks for the summit. Hope to catch you tomorrow.

Regards Steve GW7AAV 73