Saturday: Planned First activation I/VA-115, Seehore / Corno del Lago Gabiet - 2581m, 10 Points

Dear all:

On Saturday, I plan to activate

I/VA-115, Seehore / Corno del Lago Gabiet - 2581m, 10 Points

I think I will be on the summit very roughly by 8:00 UTC / 10:00 CEST.

This will be the first activation of this ten-pointer, if successful.

The activation will be CW only, starting on 7.031, or, if crowded, 7.002 +/-. I will likely have time for 30m (10.118-cw) and 20m (14.060-cw). Since I will be on the Gnifetti Hut for the following week, I will only carry minimal gear, i.e. my TinySOTA station (MTR-3B), 5m carbon-fiber mast, lightweight SOTA vertical + T1 tuner and @HB9BCB EFHW with traps.

Please QRS 12 wpm.
Please spot me.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

EDIT: My callsign will be I/DK3IT/P - thanks to Mario, @DJ2MX for helping me with Italian CEPT prefixes1

Hello Martin -

Wonderful to be planning a first activation. Most chasers look to SOTAWatch Alerts to guide them on where to watch for upcoming activations - you may wish to add a Alert there to indicate your intentions - Best Wishes for a Safe Climb!

73, Etienne-K7ATN

Thanks to all chasers, the activation was a success, even though I was QRV two hours later than anticipated and stated in the alert.
I stayed on the summit for more than one hour and hopefully handled every waiting chaser.

Am back safely to the beautiful Gabiet hut and enjoying a coffee before heading to the Capanna Gnifetti.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Ps: I know I am still a lousy CW operator, but ‚SP?‘ and ‚EA?‘ should not yield DL and PA stations… :wink:

Here is the log :wink: