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Saturday 7.June


hi all,
at the weekend 7 / 8 June i will be at DQ3Q in IARU CW-Fielday in
the area near Stuttgart with a few summits there.
the test beginns at 1500 utc and i hope to
have time to activate a summit or two before. maybe also i have time
to do one later in afternoon in a break.
will prefer 10,18 es 24mhz due to the contest qrm.
will be qrp with vertical only.

hope cu

73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:

hi Klaus!

GL on DQ3Q and hpe wx is ok :slight_smile:
Hpe for short skip on the WARC-bands.

Vy73 es awdh / cu in FN de Fritz


In reply to DF2GN:Hello Klaus. Are you using a homebrew antenna for the 7th June
activity. If so can I have a rough description?

73 and good luck



In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus
Hope to work DQ3Q/p in Field Day - I will be with GM2MP/p group so am sure we will work on all 6 bands if recent propagation is any indicator!
Good luck und AWDH.
73 Cris


In reply to GM4FAM:

I’ll be with the Addiscombe Club as G4ALE/P. Good luck to all Field Day participants. At least the weather forecast looks encouraging!

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:
And good luck to you guys down in Addiscombe!
73 Cris


hi all,
i wish you also many fun at the weekend.
Des, i build no extra antenna for the fieldday.i don´t take part as
DF2GN/p. i only qrv at the weekend saturday morning and maybe the evening in sota.
DQ3Q is a multi-op station, this time in the low power class, but with a
spiderbeam, verticals and fullsize dipoles down to 160m.

hope also on many qso´s and have a good time !

vy 73 Klaus


Hi All
Phil here G4OBK.

I will be building one of Klaus’s open wire fed aerials today for this weekend to try out with my auto ATU.

I will be QRV in HF CW NFD for a few hours on Saturday afternoon from NP-008 Great Whernside and on Sunday morning from NP-009 Buckden Pike. I hope to work some SOTA CW chasers first though on 10/18/24.9 Mhz from both locations if the aerial will load. In the contest you may find me on 7.032± or 14.058± calling CQ NFD until the 12 Ah battery runs out. If you work me on one of the “non WARC” bands during the contest period please give me a serial number as I will be submitting a contest log to RSGB. I’ll also take a rucksack special vertical with me and if I get chance will activate on 2m FM. Call will be G4OBK/P.

If I have a mobile signal I will telephone and get Roy G4SSH to spot me initially.

73 Phil


In reply to G4OBK:
Hi Phil
Will be looking for you from GM2MP/p on those QRGs.
Good luck!
73 Cris


In reply to GM4FAM:
Very good Cris - nice callsign.



In reply to G4OBK:
Yes we got it from our local Member of Parliament (!)
73 Cris


hi all,
think in most parts of germany it keeps dry. don´t know about the wx in
others countries.
but we in south-dl have today rain,rain es sometimes heavy rain.
forecast for tmrw is not much better, so i can´t say if i activate
a summit or not .
hope on a little less rain tmrw and no thunderstorms.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


Well done to Cris and his team. The serial numbers being sent by GM2MP/P suggest a very competitive score!

We didn’t do so well at G4ALE/P, finishing on around 800 QSOs, but we did enjoy the fine weather with Sunday’s temperature up to 26C - not so good for the hay fever though!

Our thanks are also due to the well-known SOTA chasers who called us to give away a few points, particularly on the Sunday afternoon when new stations were becoming much harder to find.

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:
Yes, I too would like to thank various SOTA enthusiasts for calling us at
GM2MP/p. As Les said Sunday afternoon was very slow going and various familiar calls were made most welcome in our log.
I see we worked DQ3Q/p on 4 bands.
We lost about 70 mins due to a problem with the ATU - this was fixed by GM0NAI who made a 60 mile round trip home to bring another one which was very hastily deployed!
73 de Cris


In reply to GM4FAM/G3VQO:

I too was 'slightly QRL in NFD!'
Stayed on at caravan in Wales and had abt 6hrs operating during Sat eve and
Sunday mrng as GW4WSM/P. Total 90 qsos, but struggled with FT817 and 5wtts amongst the QRO boys!! Gud fun and tks to both stns for contacts.

73s de Peter G{W}3TJE+


In reply to G3TJE:
So it was you behind the key! Thanks for the 2-bander Peter - /P stns are always useful and as I recall you were definitely holding your own on 40m - reckon one of the other team members worked you on 80m (I was probably clambering over rocks in 5 feet of sea water trying to reach one end of the doublet which had sagged a bit early evening!).
73 Cris


It’s been a busy week so finally, here is a late reply regarding last weekends RSGB HF CW NFD SOTA activity. Great fun for me with 4 hours operation in the contest and more SOTA time outside of it. On Saturday I activated NP-009 Buckden Pike, a unique for me. 131 QSOs were made from there, QRV from 13:24 until 17:24, the longest I ever spent on a summit. Numerous passers by were asking questions and making comments like “eh by gum lad that’s one helluva set up just to get the cricket scores”. This is not conducive to concentrating and making a big contest score in NFD! A very popular summit up until around 1530z when the walkers stopped appearing. I overnighted at The White Lion Inn down the hill in Cray, suffering the heavy cost of the dreaded “single supplement” for the B&B - very good food and drink though, with a friendly landlord who is also called Phil. I’d parked at the pub Saturday lunchtime (SD942792)and after the drive from Malton had quickly downed a pint of cider and announced my presence (just in case they sold my room reservation to someone else!). This set me up nicely for the ascent. So it was straight up the hill from the pub (thank you G3CWI for the tip) and this route took me a shade over an hour to reach the trig. I was grateful for the spotting help from the early callers on 5 MHz, especially Frank G3RMD. I did not have a Vodafone mobile signal from Buckden Pike so there was no chance of phoning G4SSH to ask Roy to spot me. S2S QSOs with G4ELZ/P (DC-005), OK2BDF/P (VY-011), and GM4COX/P (SS-228)were most welcome. One notable contact was EA1/HB9AFH/P (3 QSO’s). I think Hugo must have been on his holidays, and it was a pleasure to give him a few points, having had plenty from him when chasing myself.

Sunday saw me drive over to the other side of Buckden Pike via Kettlewell to Tor Dike. I was first car there at around 9.30am, loads of space for parking. The ascent of Great Whernside NP-008 also took me around one hour from there - easier than the previous day as I knew my time was limited, so I only carried the one 12 AH battery and the FT-897. The other 7 AH was left in the car, flat as a fluke from the prevous days activity. This load is about my limit, but I wouldn’t call it a comfortable limit, and certainly not with a walk in much longer than this one. John G4YSS (GX0OOO/P) uses Great Whernside every year for VHF NFD and I can see the attraction, I hadn’t visited here before. As well as the trig point there is a large shelter to the north. I settled into a spot in between at Little Crags SE 00168 74602. I set up amongst some large lumps of limestone that made a perfect shack, with random stone seat for me and stone table for the rig and palm key. No support for the SOTA pole though unlike on Buckden which has walls and a fence, so here the pole was placed against the side of a large rock and securely guyed. I managed 1hr 45 mins of activity to make another 51 QSOs, it was slow going in the contest with 10w - search and pounce was the key to making QSOs and I ended up with a mixture of SOTA and contest contacts. I thank the Chasers for providing me with serial numbers. Again several S2S contacts were made in voice and morse with G1INK/P (NP-006), G4RQJ/P (NP-007), MM0DHY/P(CS-086) and DL/LX1NO/P(SR-039). Total DXCC Countries worked over both days was 31 using an 11m X 2 doublet, 300 ohm ribbon and LDG auto ATU. Contacts were made on 10m/15m/20m/30m/40m/60m/80m with one leg of the antenna being used on 80m CW fed against a 22m counterpoise wire laying on the ground. I varied the power throughout my SOTA activity dependent on the number and strength of callers and the reports received and reduced down to 10w for the contest to allow me in as a QRP entry.

I packed up and left the hill top at 1225z reaching the car at 1300z. This enabled me to reach Malton via Pateley Bridge by 1500z and collect XYL Judy from the Manchester train. I could have gone with her, however faced with the choice of a Neil Diamond Concert at the G-Mex or two North Pennine summits in lovely weather, which would you have chosen? A quick check of SOTAWatch on arriving home saw G1INK/P Steve on NP-015 coming to the end of his activity on 40m SSB and that was my last contact of the weekend.

Finally, thanks go to Roy G4SSH for spotting support and Frank G3RMD for spotting me and also standing by to make it easier to work a few S2S stations on the Sunday morning. One lesson for me was not to try and carry too much - the walk DOWN from Buckden Pike to the pub with a 12AH plus a 7AH lead acid battery in the sack was just too much. I won’t be carrying that much again. Leaving the 7 AH behind the next day made such a difference. No permanent damage to my back I’m glad to report.

Please look out for me popping up in GD towards the end of the month using the callsign GT0OOO/P. A mixture of CW/SSB QRO and QRp and some activity on 2m FM also with the rucksack special, but my time on air will be limited due to the walking and social activities centered around the Walking Festival there. I’ll do my best to alert my activity via the good offices of G4SSH, who I gratefully thank for allowing me the first use of callsign GT0OOO.

73 Phil G4OBK