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Satmap GPS

In reply to G3CWI:
Apologies Richard - you are right about the touch screen thing - it was 6 months or so back that I had my turn with it and forgot - plus just been using the touch screen things recently.

Like you I can navigate. I have only once used a GPS in anger and that was on the Cuillin Ridge to settle an argument with a climbing partner on one of those bits with the geomagnetic anomalies. That was a Garmin Vista - not IMO a particularly user friendly m/c.

One problem I have is that as a) I can navigate & b) I spend a lot of time instructing navigation to other people, my GPS tends to stay in the sac and certainly with the older ones you had to really go out and play to get fluent at using them. The newer ones with much better onscreen mapping certainly do tempt you to play with them a bit more.

Incidentally, one unforseen use of GPS devices is as a referee on assessments when the odd stroppy candidate doesn’t want to be convinced that they were in error.

Peter - G0FIM / AA3JN

In reply to MM0FMF:
Hi Andy - if you are looking at mob phones as your platform, Viewranger started with the Symbian op system phones and have recently released their iPhone app. I have heard that they are currently in beta stage with their Android version. They certainly accept Memory Map products. M M pulled a very good marketing ploy by making their mapping available to SAR teams all over the country as well as being generous in a practical way.

SatMap requires it’s own special format mapping files. It is possible to convert from other formats, but it means more ‘mucking about’ rather than plug and play. If you buy M M it also comes with a licence to install on Windows mobile devices as well as your computer at home. I partly ended up with Memory Map, because FBOFW the DofE adopted that some years ago, so there was a lot of pressure for everyone involved to use that set up. I am told by people who have extensive knowledge of both that and Anquet, that the latter has a slightly more friendly user interface, although I suspect that what you are used to makes a lot of difference. Certainly M M is very clunky compared to what I took for granted in my Apple Mac days, but it handles the maps well.

Peter G0FIM / AA3JN