Sandpiper delta beam

I have come across this small delta loop beam and im wondering has anyone used it and what orientation is it ? Vertical or horizontal…

I know next to nothing about delta loops only that moving the tap point changes the polarity .

Matt 2E0FGX

I have one, it can be used in either orientation. Leading UK activator Robin GM7PKT used to use one and probably still does. Good gain and f-b ratio for a short boom. See this thread Sandpiper No3 2m Delta Quad - Thoughts?

Yes I have one. Works great. Highly recommended. Had 2m SSB contacts between the Lake District and South Coast. Best bit is that is is physically short when packed up, compared to most 2m antennas with gain.

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Yes I have one and use it all the time very compact and light fit’s in the bag great, well worth buying.

Unfortunately I think they stopped making them.

Not acording to sandpipers shop .


It isn’t on the website, I typed it into the search box and nothing came up. If they are still available that is good news, I could do with one!

Thats the one , £44 if i remember correctly


Found them a tricky to find at times on the website, but looks like Richard has done the job for you :wink: