Saisie SOTA V14.0

Hello dear SOTA friends

Saisie SOTA V14.0 is now available here:

There is no update from V13.5; you have to install the full version.

Virus problems seems to be fixed.
Some improvements asked by Phil G4OBK and Dominik HB9CZF.

Enjoy the software and… mountain !

73 Alain F6ENO


Thank you Alain - V14.0 is working very well for me now and is providing DXCC country designators into the ADIF output file for fast input into my logbook.

73 Phil

According to Firefox under Windows 10 - the file is Virus or MalWare Infected.

Evening Ed, software twas not declared as a virus or malware when operating under Windows 7 with Chrome browser and on a laptop using Windows 10 and Chrome.

73 Phil

This report was from the Firefox browser rather than from the OS or anti-virus software. It actually stops the download. You can override it but I wanted to report it first - there has to be “something” strange about the file to cause this message I guess. With Alain’s statement that “Virus problems seems to be fixed”, it sounds like this problem has occurred before.

By the way my OS, AV and Browser are all updated automatically and at the latest available versions.


Hi Ed,

I just tryed to dowload again the file using Firefox and W10.
No problem here.
I’m using Window Defender.

Yes, there was a virus attack on V13.5. I removed all files from the server, then stored V14.0.

You may may erase your Internet cache and the try to download the file again .

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

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Thank you for the VHF grid fix Alain.

That’s all working well now.

73, Simon

AHA! - yes ISP Cache held the old version it seems - cleared that (ctrl+F5) and no more errors!

Might I suggest you change the download zip file name to include the version number as that would then avoid this problem for other users?

73 Ed.

P.S. I stated English as the language during install but it’s still necessary to select “langes” as English in the pull down otherwise some of the GUI is in French and some in English - e.g. Nouveau nom de fichier, Mon WFF, Temps réel, BANDE, Also under station setup after selecting Langue-English, there is still text in French.

Also under the band Plan you have the 70cm band labelled as 33 cm.

Hello Ed

Glad to know that all is OK now.
Thanks for the infos about languages and Band Plan.
May I suggest to somebody to translate the items into german langage (or other).

You will find under LNG directory a file named “F_OTHER.ini”.
In this file, one have to translate the sentences at the right of the ‘=’ sign.
Then send me the translated file.

Thanks in advance

73 Alain F6ENO

Hi Alain,
I’m actually English, so I’ll leave the German translation to someone else, but I’ll see if I can find where there are French words that should be English. Part of the problem, I suspect though, is that the indication in the standard install package isn’t getting passed to your program, making the need to go in and set the language again. Let me take a look at the F_EN.ini file.

73 Ed.

Hi Alain,
V14.0 just installed and used to log this afternoon’s activation log.
Everything seems to work perfectly.
I’ve noticed that the file SOTAnames downloaded with the program is less updated or less populated than the one I have in my laptop, which I keep updating on a daily basis.
I’ll send you my SOTAnames file by e-mail, so you’ll be able to incorporate it to your files and then you can share it with the whole SOTA community.
Thank you very much for your good work and your very helpful program.


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Hello Guru,

I thought the same… but i imagine if we all send our sotaname file, the hard job to do.
My Sotaname file is clean (no dupe) and has more than 3500 call + name.

May be for those who are interested we can exchange by private mail?
73 from Gerald

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Sent you an updated F_En.ini file via Private message on this reflector.

73 Ed.

Hello Alain,
I’m not sure that you are reading the PM (Private Messages) so I’m writing you about this here.

Regarding a bug on SAISIE SOTA V14.0 I wrote to you about in a previous PM where the operators name was being written in the wrong column, I’ve just found that it’s only a problem with the Spanish language version and it works fine when the selected language is either French or English. I haven’t checked any other languages, just the three I know among those selectable in your program.

See here:

OK in French: operators name in the column SON NOM :thumbsup:

OK in English: operators name in the column HIS NAME :thumbsup:

NOT OK in Spanish: operators name in the column DISTANCIA :thumbsdown:

The operator name should be shown in the column called SU NOMBRE.



I have been away for 3 weeks (visiting W6) and received many emails about Saisie SOTA.
Don’t worry, all your info are saved and I will try answers in few days.
Best 73.
73 Alain F6ENO

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“His name” ? ? ? - that seems a very poor choice

Why not just “Name”

It’s “his name” to distinguish it from “my name”. The use of his X and my X in ham logging software is common.

Yes Andy
You are true both; I suppose that AB3TQ refers to ADIF tag ‘NAME’ which is used for 'HIS NAME’
Is it so important ?
73 Alain F6ENO

I did not catch the “My” and “His” columns. Or the multiple instances of His.

Is it so important? Define important. My point, which I thought was obvious, is that it is not gender neutral. I see now that space might be a bigger issue than ignoring the much smaller number of SOTA YL’s. If space wasn’t an issue - replacing every instance of “His” with “Your” would be a better choice.

But does it really make a difference? No.

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Hello Alain,
The new version 14.1 got automatically downloaded when I last started SAISIE SOTA and I’ve seen that the issue of activator’s name not being displayed on the right column when Spanish language was selected, has been successfuly corrected.
See my today’s chaser log:

Note: don’t pay attention to the signal reports in this brief log as I always leave the default 59 or 599.

Thank you, Alain.

Best 73,


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