Safety is important!

The phone is a necessary tool for an emergency.
But if you run out of battery. What can be done ?
I built this accessory to charge the phone with my battery on the mountain.


Or you could buy one of these:

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Nice! What schematic did you use?
(is it a 7805 inside?)

The LiPo to USB charger is nice and cheap.

If you attend enough computer shows/conferences then you get these things given away.

I’ve collected enough of them in recent times that I could have jump started the Space Shuttle, I give them on to people. My son has had a few. That one is 4000mAH (allegedly) and has iStuff and micro-b USB connectors built in so you don’t forget them! Weighs under 100gm. Charge it from any USB socket.

No regulator 7805.
An integrated SMD components with a few circuit.
To achieve protection and regulation to 5V.
Only 13 g.

Looks a little different to whats in your glue blob up top…

I made one, but made use of the lighter plug version you can pick up at service stations for £1. Added benefit you can plug it in to your car when you get back down from the mountain.