S5/KS tour 2009 by S53MN and S56JAZ

At the first anniversary of operation Sota Slovenia, me and Marjan - S56JAZ will made Tour over Kamniško Savinjske Alpe (S5-KS) and activate the majority of the peaks, depense of the weather and other conditions. S5-KS Tour should go something like that:

  • in thursday 11/6 activation Velike Zelenice S5/KS-010, Ojstrice S5/KS-005
  • in friday 12/6 activation Planjave S5/KS-004 in Brane S5/KS-006
  • in saturday 13/6 activation Skute S5/KS-003 in Grintavca S5/KS-001 and
  • in sunday 14/6 activation Jezerske kočne S5/KS-002.

Plan is informative and can be amended according to current weather and other conditions.
During the tour in the Saturday and Sunday will be also used the callsign S52SOTA.
All information about the exact time of activation and the frequency will be kept posted on SOTAwatch.
The frequencies will be (probably) 7032 and 10118 CW and 145,575 MHz FM.

See you on the band :slight_smile:

73 de Andy - S53MN and Marjan - S56JAZ

This is a picture of ours S5/KS tour to image our journey!

If weather and other conditions will be FB, there will be a little change in this tour.
We will try to activate a Jezerska Kočna in Saturday, so we can activate Kalški greben - S5/KS-007 in Sunday as well. All we hope for good weather and light legs :slight_smile:

See you on the band!

Andy - S53MN and Marjan - S56JAZ

Activation aborted due too much snow on our way. Some photos and maybe movie will be published later.
Thanks all for QSOs.

After cancelled tour, short video has been made. You will see a reason, why the tour was cancelled. A short snow way in the middle of video is just a easy step against way, that waiting for us.
It is my first video, so please be reasonable :slight_smile:

73 de Andy - S53MN and Marjan - S56JAZ!

A final video (photovideo) of our two day adventure.

73 de Andy - S53MN

In reply to S53MN:

mni tnx for the vy nice film Andy.
You should send-it to the Slovenijan-tourist-office :slight_smile:
it´s excellent publicity for your country and they
may sponsor the next 10.000 QSL-cards :wink:

Vy73 es cuagn soon
Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa